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Before you think of wasting another dollar on advertising, how would you like to discover the secrets your competitors can only wish they had the knowledge of?

Is the current economy slowing your business down or making it come to a screeching halt? By using our multi-pillar strategy, your organization will experience exponential growth in any economy!

Your business already has many hidden assets that can be optimized to achieve maximum results! All you need is help to find, optimize, and create simple systems to deliver the results you are looking for...

Our Multi-pillar approach is used by top organizations like Dell and IBM. It is a simple and effective system that will optimize your current processes without disrupting your business in any way. The beauty of the system is two-fold; not only will it help create a more profitable bottom-line right away, but it will continue for months, years, and decades to come. Using this system in your business plan will also allow your business to grow exponentially in several ways; even if one of your pillars was not doing as well as it could, your business will still continue to grow until that pillar is fixed and optimized for optimal growth!


When you're not different, then you're the same!

Most companies sell their business the same way as their competitors, plus or minus 10%...

When your prospects think of you as the same your products or services are reduced to a commodity where only the lowest price wins! If you do not have the right UCD (Unique Core Differentiator) or USP (Unique Selling Proposition), you will continue to lose more than your share of business every day and the ones that you do win will be at much lower margins than they should be at. Don’t wait another day! It’s time right now, to separate yourself from the competition and increase your market share. Differentiate or Die!

Whether you sell retail, wholesale, or professional services - or whether you sell online, offline, through ads, emails, a sales force, word-of-mouth, referrals, through trade shows, or telemarketing - odds are exceedingly high that our business consulting and development services will help your business thrive more powerfully in any economy!.

To succeed in any economy it requires strategic thinking, not just operational thinking. It requires a systems approach, not a series of random actions. The focus must be on breakthrough results, not incremental increases and there must be massive action on a proven, well-tested plan and practices!

Existing systems, mindsets, skills and behaviors tend to produce existing results!

The Target Group is your all-in-one tool for planning, implementing and creating powerful ways to connect you with your specialized target audience. We have been helping businesses and organizations orchestrate their branding, fine tune their strategies and develop dynamic advertising communications to deliver one appealing, concise message that attracts the interest of the public eye. We specialize in creating visually stimulating designs for the Internet, print, and video mediums with a marketing edge. By now, you are probably wondering how we can make all this happen.

We utilize the basics: research, analysis, and strategic planning. This model has been time proven to provide the best success in the marketplace today, and in fact our client's expectations have consistently been met and exceeded when they work with us. Let us work for you to create a business development plan tailored to your business’s needs.

We do the hard work and you reap the rewards after implementing your business strategy!

Lastly and best of all, everything we do for our clients is backed with our ironclad guarantee. Call us today to set up a meeting and in the meantime, take advantage of the free Marketing Health Check-up tool to the right and the FREE eBook "17 Marketing Lessons".