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Free Business Health Check-Up

The Business Health Check-Up (the test is below) was designed as a self-evaluation tool to see how you feel about the performance of your business. By taking the Business Health Check Up the questions will stimulate you to really think about your as is condition of your business. You will be able to pin point areas of strength as well as areas of weakness that need to be improved to maximize your performance. Once completed, It will make things crystal clear and help you prioritize any next steps you would like to take to elevate the performance of your organization. When reading down the Business Health Chart, ask yourself either of these questions...

  1. How are we performing in the following areas of our business?
  2. OR
  3. How well are we utilizing these tools to effectively grow our business?

The Pain Chart is set up like a hospital pain chart. If you score yourself a 1, you feel 100% comfortable where you are at the present time and you are experiencing no pain in that particular area. If you score your organization a 5 you are experiencing the highest levels of pain in that area. The best way to complete the chart is to move swiftly through the questions and put your gut instinct down. For those questions that do not apply please select the N/A to get the most accurate score.

Once completed, you will receive your Business Health Score right away. As an added Bonus you will also receive a prescription that will give you the Better Business Health you are looking for! This is a fun exercise!

Thank you, and enjoy the experience!!

Brian Sebastian

Doc Marketing

Attracting new prospects?
Converting these prospects into customers?
Retaining existing clients?
Re-activating former clients?
Effectiveness of your website?
How successful are your trade shows?
Thanking clients?
Introducing new products and services?
How effective is your current advertising?
How effective are your marketing materials?
How effective is your current sales process?
Generating referrals from clients?
Encouraging repeat business?
Direct Marketing Campaigns?
Email Marketing?
Effectiveness using Promotional Products?
Effectiveness using Holiday cards / Thank you gifts?
Effectiveness of Internet Marketing?
Co-op marketing or cross promoting?
Rank your sales force?
How updated / useful is your contact database?
Effectiveness reaching all your prospects?
Rate your advertising agency?
Differentiating your company from the competition?
Acknowledging / Motivating employees?
Retaining employees?
Raising money for great causes?